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SEPT 15, 2020



  • Angela Walsh

10 Reasons to Elope

Updated: Mar 8

If you and your partner are realizing that maybe a big wedding isn’t for you - whether you had the realization while looking at huge venues, or while putting off even beginning to plan, or you knew it all along - you can elope instead, with an adventurous day that’s perfectly tailored to the two of you! But a lot of couples aren’t quite sure if eloping is right for them, or if they’re ready to take the leap and let go of all the traditions and expectations. This guide will take you through 10 reasons to elope - and if they resonate with you, it’s a great sign that eloping is right for you.

What is an Elopement?

Before we talk about reasons to elope, you’ll need to know what eloping actually means first! We’re not talking about heading to the courthouse one morning and tying the knot in a few minutes - we’re talking epic adventures, unforgettable experiences, and incredible memories. An elopement today is about being intentional in planning your wedding, and making sure the focus is on you and what makes you truly happy.

It’s about getting married in a way that reflects the two of you, and making sure you love every minute of your day!

10 Reasons to Elope

Now, let’s talk about the top 10 reasons that couples choose to elope - if you relate to any of them, eloping might be right for you.

1. You Want a Unique Experience

Let’s face it - traditional weddings are mostly the same. Sure, there’s some variety in venue, some different ways to make it your own, and a little bit of personality in each one - but, an elopement gives you so much more flexibility and freedom, and allows you to do what truly makes you happy! There are absolutely no rules when it comes to eloping, so you can paddle-board at Lake Tahoe, hike at Yosemite, or come up with other unique elopement ideas to make your wedding day completely your own.

2. You Don’t Want the Stress of Planning a Wedding

One of the biggest reasons to elope for a lot of couples is that they just don’t want to plan a big wedding! It’s notoriously stressful, time consuming, and difficult to plan an entire wedding where you have to worry about all your guests and make sure everyone’s happy.

While planning an elopement still requires work and some decision making, the process is much more fun, and much less stressful - because all you have to worry about is making sure the two of you have an amazing day, and you get to look at places you love, and come up with things to do that make you excited to tie the knot!

3. You Want to Get Married Somewhere Beautiful

Sure, there are some pretty wedding venues - but nothing compares to the beauty you’ll find outside, in nature! If you want to tie the knot outdoors, in an epic spot, that’s one of the best reasons to elope. Choosing an elopement location is one of the most exciting things, and you get to pick from mountains, beaches, lakes, forests, and more!

Private mountain ceremony for a special elopement in Northern California in the Sierra Buttes

4. You Want to Spend Money on Experiences

Budget can definitely be a factor in deciding to elope instead of having a big wedding. While the cost of eloping is usually much less expensive, for most couples, it’s not about being “cheap” or not wanting to invest in their wedding day. It’s about spending their money on amazing experiences, rather than on single use items and things for a big wedding that they’ll never use again.

5. You Want Some Privacy When You Get Married

For a lot of couples, the thought of exchanging vows and getting married in front of everyone they know is actually pretty stressful! We get it - being vulnerable is hard, and it’s even harder when you feel like all eyes are on you. With a big wedding, it can feel more like a performance than a meaningful way to commit to spending the rest of your lives together.

Whether you elope with a few family members or close friends, or you have a day that’s just for the two of you, the smaller guest list gives you so much more privacy, and makes the day feel much more intimate and special!

An amazing capture of a couple kissing in front of Half Dome on their elopement day in Yosemite with no one around

6. Eloping is Good for the Environment

If one of your reasons to elope is that you love the outdoors, another greatest benefit of eloping is that it’s much more eco friendly! A small wedding that takes place outside, with no decorations, no catering for 200, and no single use “stuff,” is much better for the planet - so not only are you doing something amazing for yourselves, you’re doing something great for the environment.

7. You Can Have an Adventure

The most exciting thing about eloping is that you can start your marriage off with an amazing adventure! And that can mean absolutely anything you want it to mean - tying the knot after a long hike to the mountain top, getting married after kayaking out to an island, having some fun in the snow, stargazing to end the night, taking an epic 4x4 tour… anything you can imagine, you can do it on your elopement day!

A groom helping his bride cross a river with their hiking backpacks on for their elopement day in Tahoe

8. You Want Amazing Wedding Photos…

Imagine getting your wedding photos back and seeing the most incredible landscapes behind you! Feeling small as mountains tower over you, seeing yourselves having a blast running along the beach, really being able to feel your elopement day all over again instead of just seeing it. Another reason to elope is that with the right elopement photographer, you’ll have some amazing photos from the day you got married - not only will they look epic, they’ll also show the authentic, real story from your day - so you can relive that amazing experience, over and over!

9. … and an Incredible Video

Photos are amazing (we certainly love them!), but adding an elopement video captures your day in a whole new way. Hiring a videographer for your elopement will let you see the incredible day, hear the vows the love of your life shared, and really see all the little moments come to life!

10. It Just Feels Right!

If any, or even all, of these reasons to elope resonate with you, the final test to deciding whether eloping is right for you is a simple gut check - when you imagine your wedding day, do you get excited at the thought of tying the knot outdoors? Do you get butterflies when you think about marrying your best friend with no one else around? Do you feel anticipation instead of dread when you imagine your small, adventurous day? Does it feel more like you than a big wedding does?

If so, you deserve a wedding day that’s everything you want - one that truly makes you happy! So if it feels right, elope!

Did These Reasons to Elope Convince You?

If you’re sold on the idea of tying the knot with an intimate, meaningful day that perfectly reflects the two of you, it’s time to start putting it together! Eloping is meant to be stress free - so our job as your elopement photographer and videographer (and planning assistants, officiants, hype people, adventure buddies, and more), is to help you craft a day that’s relaxed, and completely made for you!

Contact us if you’re ready to elope, and we’ll help you plan the perfect day.

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