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SEPT 15, 2020



  • Angela Walsh

Mt. Rainier Elopement at Panorama Point

Updated: Mar 8

There is something so magical and memorable about eloping in Mt. Rainier that it is hard to find the words to explain it. This mountain, or should I say active volcano is one of the most beautiful mountains in the US with views that look straight out of a post card! The hikes around Mt. Rainier are all amazing you really can't go wrong with any choice. Even when you get the mountain fog that rolls in everything looks completely magical. We hiked up about 1.5 miles to panorama point for the 360 degree mountain landscape views. This elopement was the first week of September and there was still a little snow off the path for some beautiful snow photos in 75 degree perfect weather. Even the wildflowers were still in bloom at this time. The hike was long enough to be adventurous but not too strenuous and we started closer to 5pm when the tourist traffic was tapering off. The timing was absolutely perfect as they got to say their vows during an epic sunset at the top! I would highly recommend Mt. Rainier for an elopement as one of my top favorite spots in the US!

Here's their adventure elopement story!

The hike up to Panorama Point!

When we were getting close to the top Leanne and Reinder changed into their wedding attire to capture some photos on a snow patch. That's actually Mt. Adams in the background of this photo!

Bride and Groom standing on the snow covered mountain of Mt. Rainier for a Mt. Rainier adventure hiking elopement
Mt. Rainier Elopement

We then continued the hike up to a higher spot for some views of Mt. Rainier.

As we waiting for the sun to get to the perfect spot for the ceremony, we stoped and had a little picnic to refresh overlooking the amazing mountain views!

Bride and Groom Sitting on a mountain Blanket overlooking the sunset with mountain views surrounding Mt. Rainier
Mt. Rainier Elopement

Once the sun was in the perfect spot we set up for the ceremony. There were tears, marmots whistling, fog rolling in, amazing views and simply a magical moment!

After the tears settled and the ceremony was over we continued onto a first dance with the amazing views of the mountains! (my husband is a musician and will play the song of your choice for the first dance!)

Bride and Groom doing their first dance behind a live musician playing a guitar with Mt. Rainier in the background
Mt. Rainier Elopement - First Dance

Bride and Groom dancing for their first dance on their Mt. Rainier Elopement with a live musician with a guitar and Mountains in the background
Mt. Rainier Elopement - First Dance

After the first dance it was time for the celebratory champagne toast!

At this time the sun was getting amazing and it was time to take some epic photos! We even had the fog roll in to create a super moody look! It was absolutely breath taking!

It was time to hike down, but I didn't miss some great photo opportunities as the sun was simply amazing!

Bride and groom with hiking backpacks on that have signs hanging from the back that say Just Married.  With a mountain backdrop at Mt. Rainier
Mt. Rainier Eopement

Mt. Rainier Elopement - Just Married

Bride and Groom hiking down the mountain after their Mt. Rainier Elopement.  They are wearing hiking backpacks that have signs that say Just Married on them
Mt. Rainier Elopement

It was almost pitch dark when we finished the hike down and the stars starting coming out! I asked Leanne and Reinder if they would like to attempt some star photos to finish up the adventure. They were all for it and I am so glad, because these turned out epic! Mt. Rainier park purposely keeps it's light pollution down so that the star can be seen beautifully!

Bride and groom standing under the stars with headlamps on for their Mt. Rainier Elopement
Mt. Rainier Elopement - Star Photo

Bride and Groom holding hands looking at each other wearing headlamps and the sky is full of stars
Mt. Rainier Elopement - Star photo

It you would like us to help plan your Mt. Rainier Elopement get in touch! We offer all inclusive (photo, officiant, live music, video) packages specifically to cater to the couple's desires!


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