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SEPT 15, 2020



  • Angela Walsh

Should You Hire an Elopement Videographer?

Updated: Feb 19

Spoiler alert - if you ask us if you should hire an elopement videographer, we think the answer is a big ol’ yes!

But, we want to give you all the information so that you can make your own decision when it comes to your big day! For most couples, planning an elopement is totally new - they haven’t done this before, but luckily, we have. After helping countless couples plan their unique elopement days, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves. This guide will help you decide if wedding videography is something you’ll add to your day, and give you some tips to find the right person!

A elopement videographer hiking with his camera gear in the mountains

How Much Does an Elopement Videographer Cost?

This is usually the main reason that couples debate booking an elopement videographer - the cost! Deciding to add video to your day would be easy if you had an unlimited budget, but of course, that’s usually not the case.

We know that elopement videography is pricey - and while you probably know that an elopement photographer is a necessity, couples usually think of video as an add on, or an expense that they can do without.

The truth is that elopement videography can cost a pretty penny - but think about this, how much are the memories from this day worth? How much is the once in a lifetime experience of marrying the love of your life worth?

We’d say it’s pretty priceless - and because video will capture those memories in a unique way that photos just can’t, an elopement videographer is worth investing in! Hiring a professional means paying for a quality video, but it also means that they have the experience necessary to make sure your day goes smoothly - whether that’s bringing the right gear for an outdoor adventure, having backup equipment to ensure your irreplaceable videos are safe, or just navigating park rules.

The cost of booking an elopement videographer can vary a ton, but ours start at $1,200.

An elopement videographer standing with their couple on their adventure wedding day in Yosemite

Is Elopement Videography Worth It?

Now that you know the cost, is elopement videography worth it? Here are just a few reasons why we think an elopement videographer is something every couple should invest in!

Elopement Videography Captures the Day Differently

There’s no doubt that elopement photos are super important - but the truth is that photos can’t capture sound, or motion. That’s where video comes in! An elopement videographer will capture your day in a different way, getting all the little moments, and putting them together perfectly for you to relive!

Imagine getting to hear your vows when you watch your elopement video! By using audio as well as visuals, elopement videography allows you to relive the day, and feel like you’re back there again, in the most exciting moments of your life.

You Can Share Your Elopement Video With Friends and Family

With an elopement, your guest list is likely shorter than it would have been for a traditional wedding. This allows for a more private ceremony and a more intimate day, but your friends and family who couldn’t be there will love watching your elopement video!

You can share photos with them too, but a video will make them feel like they’re right there with you - hearing your vows, seeing your adventures, and experiencing all the adventures you had!

Elopement Videography Lasts Forever

A lot of things won’t last beyond the elopement day, and you’d be surprised how fast memories can fade! Your elopement video is a tangible memory of the day, that you can rewatch each year on your anniversary, or on a random Tuesday just because. It’ll be around forever, so you can keep reliving the best day of your life!

You’ll Never Regret Booking an Elopement Videographer

A lot of couples say they regret not hiring a videographer for their wedding, or for their elopement - most of them were trying to cut costs and decided that video wasn’t a necessary expense. But, the thing is that you will never regret hiring an elopement videographer!

There’s no way you’ll watch a video of the best day of your life and regret investing in documenting those memories. So while skipping the videographer can lead to regret, booking one definitely can’t.

Tips for Finding an Elopement Videographer

Once you’ve decided that you want to book an elopement videographer (great choice), it’s time to find the right one! Here are our tips for your search.

Hire an Elopement Videographer

Our first tip is to hire an elopement videographer! You might be thinking, duh, but what we mean is that a lot of wedding videographers will gladly take on elopements - but we recommend looking for someone who specializes in them. Traditional weddings are way different from what you’re doing, and having vendors who understand that, and who get your vision is super important.

An elopement videographer will know that your day is important and meaningful, and they’ll also have the outdoor experience needed for elopements. Being in the great outdoors has its own challenges, and an experienced elopement videographer will know how to handle all of them.

Book Consultation Calls

Of course, your potential elopement videographer should have a portfolio of videos that you love! But, while it’s important that you like their work, it’s also important that you get along - since you’ll be spending your entire elopement day together. We think the best way to do this is to schedule phone calls with anyone you inquire with, so that you can ask questions, get to know each other, and make sure it’s a good fit!

Look for an Elopement Photographer and Videographer Team

Our biggest tip for finding the right elopement videographer is to find a photo and video team! There are several advantages to this.

First, it saves you some work! Instead of finding two separate vendors, you get an all in one. You’ll also know for sure that these two know how to work together and communicate to plan your elopement, and to ensure that things go smoothly on the big day.

Hiring an elopement photography and videography team can also have the advantage of being more budget friendly! Usually, booking two separate vendors is more expensive than hiring a team, as they often offer a “bundle” price for adding video to your photo package.

As a husband and wife duo, we know how important this day is - and working as a team allows us to create all inclusive elopement packages for you. If you’re ready to find your elopement videographer, and your photographer, contact us - let’s talk about your unique elopement day!

A elopement photographer and videographer team hiking in the mountains for an adventure wedding

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