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SEPT 15, 2020



  • Angela Walsh

Eloping in Lake Tahoe - A story of a hiking elopement

Updated: Feb 19

A bride and groom with hiking backpacks on standing on a rock cliff overlooking the mountains in Lake Tahoe on their elopement day.  Joining them is their 3 dogs
Hiking Elopement in Lake Tahoe

Candace and Damian were such an amazing couple to photograph for this Lake Tahoe hiking elopement. A little back history on them, they were both born and raised in South Africa and decided to move to the Tahoe area a few years ago and live in a tiny home and travel the US. They also flew all 3 pups out and their 2 cats for a total of 36 hours flying! These two are super adventurous and hike whenever they can, and yes the pups come too! So a hiking elopement just seemed perfectly fitting! Here's a little how their day went.

We started with a hike up to a beautiful lake, one of the many that surround Lake Tahoe and then got dressed in the woods, Damien helped Candace get her dress on

Bride and Groom getting dressed in the woods of Lake Tahoe for the elopement day
Getting ready in the woods

Then we did a mini photo session by the lake as there was some perfect lighting in the area we were in. Lake Tahoe as so many mini lakes next to the actual big lake, you can find more private spaces when you hike to these and some really special backdrops

Bride and Groom looking out over the lake around Lake Tahoe with there 3 dogs on the rock beside them.  Couple photos for their elopement day in the mountains

Bride and Groom hand in hand walking on a beach next to the lake with their 3 dogs for their Lake Tahoe Elopement day

Bride sitting on Grooms lap on a dead tree next to a shimmering lake.  Their eyes are closed and look completely relaxed.  Photo is capturing eloping in Lake Tahoe

After a mini photo session our tummies were rumbling, so we thought is was a great time to sit down for a romantic picnic on the mountain. We packed some awesome vegan snacks as they were strict vegans and shared some special wine.

Bride and Groom having a picnic on a rock eating strawberrys on there elopement day.  This is a photo showing eloping in Lake Tahoe

Picture of a picnic with strawberries, wine, cheese and crackers, grapes and dried fruit.  Photos showing eloping in Lake Tahoe

After our bellies were full we were ready to explore some more! There are many amazing rock cliffs and peak to adventure to in Tahoe and we did some exploring! Even the pups were down for the adventure!

After we explored the area for a bit, they decided they would like to find a beautiful spot next to the lake and read the love letters they had been saving leading up to this date. They had been putting them into a wine bottle so they couldn't get to them until they smashed it. Don't worry, we brought a bag to smash the bottle in, so we would leave no trace. It was truly a moving moment watching and photographing them reading the notes with each other.

A bride and groom with their 3 dogs reading their love letters they had left in a bottle and sitting on rocks with a lake as the backdrop.  A great elopement idea!  Photo of eloping in Lake Tahoe

It was now time to adventure around. The lake was quiet as it was later in the day and a perfect time to take a little romantic boat ride. If you are looking for quieter and more intimate moments I would highly recommend exploring later in the day when all the crowds are gone. It was just so peaceful and the lake was so calm. It was really just the perfect setting.

A bride sitting on the grooms lap in the back of a row boat in the middle of a lake with lake cabins in the backdrop.  Great elopement idea!  Photos of eloping in Lake Tahoe

Now that these two were completely relaxed and the people had all left around the lake we thought it would be a great time to say their vows. We hiked up to a little beautiful spot on top of a hill and they took the time to commit themselves to each other.

Bride and Groom reading vows in front of each other in front of a mountain backdrop in the mountains of Lake Tahoe.   Photo showing eloping in Lake Tahoe
Elopement Ceremony

After their short and sweet ceremony it was time to celebrate! Time to pop open the champagne!

Groom spraying a bottle of champagne and bride reacting.  Backdrop in the lake and the lake cabins of Lake Tahoe.  Photo is showing Eloping in Lake Tahoe

Do you see those cabins in the background? These are cabins you can actually rent and the only way to get there is to hike! Wouldn't that be a pretty added touch to a wonderful elopement. :)

It was time to take some awesome couples photos in this amazing location before we head to the peak to watch the sunset.

Bride and Groom embracing in front of a beautiful lake with a reflection backdrop.  Photos are of eloping in Lake Tahoe

Bride and Groom embracing an looking out on a reflecting lake in Lake Tahoe.  Photo is Eloping in Lake Tahoe

Bride and Groom kissing in front of a glistening lake.  Couples photos of eloping in Lake Tahoe

For the very end of this amazing elopement day we were able to drive to an epic sunset location and soak in the beautiful lake Tahoe in some amazing views! Really was the icing on the cake :). Even though there was no cake in this elopement day, I would take an sunset view like this any day! I suppose if we got to eat cake and look at this amazing view I would be cool with that too! ;)

Bride and Groom embracing looking out on the sunset of Lake Tahoe and Leaf Lake.   Photos is the ending of their elopement day.

Bride and Groom wrapped in a blanket overlooking the mountain backdrop next to Lake Tahoe.  Photo is of eloping in Lake Tahoe

Bride and Groom overlooking the mountain range next to Lake Tahoe.  Photos is of eloping in Lake Tahoe.


Are you eloping in Lake Tahoe and would love to chat with me? I'm a photographer and guide in the Lake Tahoe area and would love to chat!

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